Last month, Sydney-siders Oh My My released their cinematic track ‘Make Me Feel Alive Tonight‘ as part of a double A-side drop including ‘We All Want the Lights Down‘. The heart-racing, anthemic track is a bold take on our 20s, where the nights are often big, the choices aren’t always great, and the memories are like nothing else we’ll ever create. Today, the duo release an acoustic rendition of this passionate track, released exclusively on LIKE VELVET Music. Stripping right back to just two guitars and a powerful vocal line, this version packs a whole new emotive punch and offers a newfound tenderness.

Image: Sam Thomlinson

Oh My My (a.k.a Sam Thomlinson and Timothy Quaife) are making their mark in the realm of arena-style anthems. Following the likes of The Killers, One Republic and Imagine Dragons, there is something larger-than-life about Oh My My’s style of production. While the pair blend electric pop and R&B seamlessly, ‘Make Me Feel Alive Tonight‘ is an instant toe-tapper that delves deeply into the darker pop domain. There’s a relentless energy as the duo juxtapose the sound of a harmonising church choir against a horror-movie-style slashing electric guitar, frenzied rhythms and a prominent drum line. Quaife‘s vocals are effortlessly controlled, emotively strong and full of presence – characteristics that become all the more obvious in the stripped back version below.

Lyrically, it’s about tumultuous 20s, where you live for nightlife, relationships are hard, you’re not really grounded and everything’s moving too quickly. It’s about waking up and feeling lost, but having that feeling juxtaposed with when you’re out with your friends, and you’ve had a few drinks on the dancefloor, and you feel at home.

Sam Thomlinson, Oh My My

The acoustic version takes a moderately slower approach, as two guitars accompany Quaife’s booming vocals. Quaife says of the songwriting process ‘Sam showed me the chorus and I loved how dark and menacing it felt,’ further adding that ‘[i]t was pretty easy to feed off what Sam had built and just let the emotion out.’ These feelings are obvious as he delivers a vocal performance filled to the brim with gut-wrenching passion, while remaining equally restrained.

Watch Make Me Feel Alive Tonight (Acoustic) below:

Stream the original track here:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo