Jarring, sexy, and thick as f*ck. Ban Micah‘s latest track ‘Anime Eyes‘ is a provocative flow wrapped up in an even more seductive beat. As he personifies the bad boy that melts away your resolve, Ban Micah’s track is two and half minutes of juicy, irresistible allure. We had a chat with Ban Micah about lockdown, what’s coming up next, and who might’ve been on his mind when writing ‘Anime Eyes’…

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Ban Micah‘s latest track is oozing with an easygoing charm that’s laced with a real bad boy vibe. His rap style flows and bounces with brightness and pops with a fresh-sounding beat. It’s raunchy and tongue-in-cheek, and the bassline that filters through in the back end of the track is so full of seductive chunk. ‘Anime Eyes‘ isn’t a dive into deep trains of thought, so much as it is a marker of a COVID lockdown state-of-mind.

Going into the making of this track, it was at the height of the COVID-19 lockdown, and I was nine anime series deep, missing human interactions, international travel and live music. I felt inspired to make an absolute BOP! While the story behind this track isn’t as deep as others I’ve made; I can honestly say that this track personifies my mind state during the pandemic.

Ban Micah

We had a chat with Ban Micah about lockdown, ‘Anime Eyes’ and what’s in store next…

LIKE VELVET Music: How has the lockdown been treating you over the last few months, whereabouts are you based at the moment? 

Ban Micah: Lockdown was pretty chill not gonna lie, I’ve been based in Auckland, NZ for about a year now so it’s been post lockdown vibes for me you know. But my condolences to everyone back in Aus going back into the red aye, Toilet paper Wars pt 3 I swear…

‘Anime Eyes’ feels like a late night jam – what do you miss the most about being able to be out and about, in the club with your music?

Yeah it’s definitely a BOP you need to be hittin’. When it’s 1am and all you want is some absolute heaters to bump and grind to while you grind your teeth haha. But yeah, for me the thing I miss most is just the energy of people out late getting mashed and having a good time, even better if it’s my shit they’re jammin’ to.

Did the writing of this track differ much to how you’ve approached music in the past?

I would say yes, because this is the first time I’ve really gone in and made a more “Club banger” type of track. You know, from the lyrics to the mixdown, this is first time I’ve used Autotune on my vocals so liberally. I wanted to make sure that the song I heard in my head was the song I’d end up making, ofcourse I could say that for every song I’ve made but you know specifically for this one I had a particular process in mind, and I think I’ve been able to do that. 

What immediately stood out to you about this track that made it fit to be your next single?

I think it was around the mastering stage of it. I had 3 other tracks in mind and my team and I were talking through which one could be the go to, and then once I finished mastering ‘Anime Eyes’ I was just like, DAMN this is the one, I gotta put this one out while it’s on “Strike while the iron is hot” if you will. It was the perfect track for what I felt was the perfect time. I’m not too sure if anyone else agreed/agrees with me but, if I spent my whole life listening to everyone else I’d probably still be a butcher lol…

Is this song indicative of what’s coming next for you?

Production wise definitely, lyrically not so much. Don’t get it twisted I still want to and will make tracks for the club, but I think sticking to one type of style could potentially burn me out in the future. Having said that, no matter what I make, you’re definitely going to know it’s me.

Anime Eyes is pretty sexy – did you have particular people in mind when you wrote this, or were you led more by the seductive vibes?

YES…. but a G never kisses and tells. 

Stream Anime Eyes below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo