Georgia Fields, the lovingly dubbed ‘art-pop alchemist’, has released the official music video for her latest track Find Your Way Back. Premiering on LIKE VELVET Music today, the video clip, directed by award winning filmmaker Rohan Spong, captures Georgia’s lyrical storytelling through its scribbled picture-book style. With recurring motifs, it’s a visual experience that becomes deeper with each view and imparts a sense of incurable homesickness as Georgia reminisces on a place that never really existed in the first place.

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Like a sketchbook coming to life, watching the video clip for Find Your Way Back is like falling deep within the pages of a visual diary – it’s pure artistic teenage escapism. The textural imagery moves between monochromatic and colourful. It’s a visual adventure that seems to embody the metaphorical, capturing a sense of displacement amongst the unknown and the longing for what’s familiar. With the benefit of hindsight, Georgia Fields can address that youthful uncertainty with honesty and maturity, making Find Your Way Back and its accompanying video the perfect capsule of bittersweet nostalgia.

The track embodies some of Georgia’s journey as a child, frequently moving schools and living life in transit. As she explores the idea of searching for home, the accompanying video clip attempts to piece together those scattered memories. Filmed in isolation, Georgia’s parts were captured entirely on an iPhone, with filmmaker Rohan Spong later compositing the clip. It features hand-drawn animations, stock footage, drawings and photographs, like crafting a collage from a hidden memory box.

Georgia says of working with Rohan, ‘Rohan and I have made ten music videos together across more than a decade – and I must admit, when he first pitched the concept for the ‘Find Your Way Back’ video to me… even I was a bit wary! So, I was going to have to film myself with my phone? In front of a blue bed sheet, taped to my bookcase? And it was going to look like I was drawn into a sketch book?  But I’m so glad I trusted him. He had the vision in his mind right from the beginning, so he was able to direct me very clearly, even over text message.’

Rohan further adds, ‘It was a very MacGuyver way of shooting a music video, and yet I enjoyed the challenge of working in this way and the puzzle of putting it all together. Georgia and I have been collaborating for just over a decade now and the music videos trace the evolution of our own careers.

Something special happens when I hand one of my songs over to Rohan. Not only does he just “get it” – he also imagines things that I wouldn’t otherwise have seen, and his visualisations of my music always reveal a deeper understanding of my own songs to me.

Georgia Fields

You can stream the video premiere for Find Your Way Back below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo