Dreamworld‘ is a track that oozes with a familiarity that you want to chase down and hold onto tightly. Andy Martin‘s pop-rock songwriting is just as nostalgic as it is exciting and new. He continues to deliver surprises as his rhythmic progression travels between vibrant and punchy, and his latest track Dreamworld is no exception. With his energy never dwindling, any heartbreak or angst addressed by Andy resonates musically through unifying lyricism and feel-good melodies.

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Andy Martin has a way of lending an empathetic ear while he’s singing his own songs to you. He creates a hybrid of angst and sunshine, crafting a purely cathartic energy. His lyrics seem to take on many forms, with ‘Dreamworld’ understandably often misconstrued as a love song. Martin describes it as a track about finding yourself rather than losing something. He says, ‘it is about trying to rid yourself of anger and to just simply give yourself a break. I know I’m too hard on myself, but Dreamworld is in essence, me trying to “flip the script”

“All I wanna know is that, you are gonna be there for me, when all this crashes down” This lyric personifies my thoughts and is what the song is based around. The juxtaposition from the theme of the track, to what the whole band is playing provides the listener feeling hopeful about what is coming next. The bridge builds into an anthemic outro which will leave the listener vulnerable, yet excited!

Andy Martin

Martin writes in a way that showcases a solid sense of the world around him. His empathetic lyricism is generously open and equally safe, creating an energetic yet compassionate outlet. His tracks sound like they’re begging to be sung to an enthusiastic crowd jumping about and singing along in unison. Martin’s music is therapeutic and fun while also being raw and honest. ‘Dreamworld’ is only a glimpse of what’s still yet to come.

Stream Dreamworld below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo