NZ-raised, LA-based musician Ny Oh has released her latest enchanting track, ‘Garden of Eden’. With her delicate vocals dancing around a captivating folk melody, Ny Oh continues to awe us with her spellbinding songwriting ahead of her forthcoming EP ‘Ny Oh’s Garden of Eden‘ (due 11 March). Exploring the complexities of life while reveling in the simplicity of having love amongst the chaos, Garden of Eden is a stunning song that delves deeply into trying to understand the world around us.

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Ny Oh has an incredible ability to build quiet strength within a gentle tune. ‘Garden of Eden’ no exception, as layers of dreamy vocals swim around a lively melodic compass. Writing the track in a hostel in Thailand, Ny Oh describes ‘feeling detached from the music that moves through and all around us‘. What began as an ode to her guitar transformed into a song that explores the contradictions and divergences that exist in the world, and the beauty to be found within it.

One night at the hostel aptly named, the Garden of Eden, I watched a man pull a loaded automatic weapon on some young boys. A scary situation, no one was harmed in the end, but the irony of it wasn’t lost on me. Here I was in paradise, surrounded by such beauty and violence. Once I’d seen that contrast, I could see it everywhere. 

Ny Oh

The undertones of love and affection intertwine the complex narrative, with Ny Oh exploring the idea that to have love while navigating a convoluted world is a driving force. ‘We exist within such extremities, but it couldn’t be any other way and, more than that, to have love, through any means possible, is the most sensible thing we can do with our time.’

The official video for Garden of Eden follows Ny Oh through some of New York‘s most iconic locations while she yearns for a character that looks as though it’s lifted from Where The While Things Are.

Watch the official video or stream Garden of Eden below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo