In less than two and half minutes, Bri Clark will draw you into an cavernous spiral that bleeds with overwhelming intensity. ‘Waiting‘ simultaneously explores the torturous mindsets of love, heartache and living with chronic illness, weaving through a tumultuous journey and cleverly culminating in a sense of frustrating incompleteness.

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Perth-based singer Bri Clark has found enormous space within a short time frame to take listeners on a journey through darkness, fear, frustration, elation, anger and resignation. The juxtaposition between Bri’s commanding vocals and the enigmatic electronics scattered throughout her latest track ‘Waiting‘ play the roles of each competing side of the story.

You know when you’ve been lied to and ghosted and love bombed and then lied to again, and then you end up waking up in the morning to a cold, distant stranger? That’s Waiting.

Bri Clark

The notes in the dark-pop track melodically move upwards in a scale while stepping down in tone each time, creating the contrast between fighting with hope and battling against the pitfalls that come with trying.

On creating the video, Bri says, ‘[w]e wanted to capture the loneliness and fragility of a relationship at its breaking point, and the resilience it takes to pull yourself away from someone that’s hurt and continues to hurt you. It was quite a heavy video to film, and even more uncomfortable to watch, but nothing about this record is easy and I want people going through this to know they’re not alone.

Stream Waiting and watch the Official Video below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo