Multi-instrumentalist FKJ today releases ‘Greener‘ – the first delectable track off his upcoming second studio album ‘V I N C E N T‘ (out 10 June). The enviable collaboration with the legendary Carlos Santana combines Santana’s signature Latin American jazz infused rock ‘n’ roll with the modern hues of ambient electronics, and the result is luscious sophistication.

Image supplied. Cover photo by Terence Angsioco.

Imagine sending a letter to one of your idols with a throwaway line like ‘let’s grab a beer next time you’re in town’… and then they say ‘yes’. Now imagine your FKJ writing a song and sending Santana a letter to say ‘thanks for the inspiration’, and you decide to sign off with a little ‘p.s if you like the song Greener you are of course more than welcome to join‘. Well, what may have been ‘kind of a joke‘ with ‘no expectations‘ to FKJ turned out to be an invitation Santana couldn’t refuse.

Speaking on the track, FKJ says, Greener‘ was a song that wrote itself in a night. The theme is something I often think about – our tendency to compare our life with others and envy it, even though we have everything we need. Especially with social media making everyone’s life look so perfect.

The video clip takes the concept of ‘green with envy’ to the grass being ‘always greener on the other side‘, with sprawling fields and open air freedom being a big theme of the shoot. It embodies the idea of letting everything else fall away, being present in the moment, joying in the miracles around you, and doing so to the exclusion of all others.

Silky synths and electronic percussive elements lay a direction and a heartbeat to the track, but it’s FKJ’s soothing vocals and Santana’s sultry licks that help you get lost within it. But there may be no better words to summarise this track than those of Santana himself:

It is a joy to collaborate and share music with my brother Vincent (FKJ) on ‘Greener.’ Together we have painted a canvas of colour, texture and musicality that we know will bring you courage and a deep awareness of your own light and life. Once that happens, there’s no division, separation, or fear. It’s just joy.


Stream ‘Greener‘ and watch the official video clip below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo