Cairns-based artist Jelly Oshen has added his own personal reflection to the growing list of pandemic-inspired tracks. The 21-year-old’s self-described genre of ‘island-flava’ – a mix of indie-pop and R&B – is on full display in Bordalonely as he bottles up a mix of lockdown misery and blissful music.

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On first impressions, ‘Bordalonely‘ has a very notable Daniel Caesar vibe which instantly sets up expectations of a velvety smooth, love-themed track. Jelly Oshen certainly doesn’t fail to deliver on this front. Tracing the lines of the bass with his deep and understated vocals, the simplicity of the track helps the sentiment of the lyrics sink heavily within you.

Bordalonely is another song that follows the theme of pandemic lockdowns and border restrictions, with Oshen managing to perfectly capture monotonous boredom, longing and melancholy. Incredibly, the summery reverb of the guitar still manages to create sunshine in a downtrodden track. The juxtaposition makes for really easy listening with room for reflection.

Most of my music is recorded at home with my stepdad. My writing process is just making a poem and then creating a good music genre melody to fit, or vice versa. I was bored in lockdown and kinda lonely, my mum was imposing her own self-isolation on us, above and beyond any government rules, and this track sprung from that.

Jelly Oshen

Oshen has also released an official video clip, filmed in Jamaica and directed by Phillip McFarlane, capturing bold colours and stunning scenic imagery.

Stream ‘Bordalonely‘ and watch the official music video below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo