New Zealand’s own Matthew Young has released a sparkling new alt-pop track that tackles the hard realities and consequences of substance abuse contrasted against a bright and euphoric tune. ‘Like Falling’ looks at good times gone too far in a song that’s wrapped up in teen-nostalgia, instantly creating an emotional connection.

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Like Falling sounds like it belongs on the grown-up version of The OC soundtrack. Matthew Young has so cleverly brought up something nostalgic in this song that has us throwing back to our moody teenage bedrooms while also feeling right at home in our grown-up ears. It has all the right pop and rock nuances that filter together to create something really warm and familiar, but with a modern day polish that sets it so far apart from similar kinds of tracks from the late noughties.

‘Like Falling’ is a song about getting too manic, abusing sedatives and trying to mend broken relationships. It’s about facing the consequences of my actions and trying to piece everything back together all while being zombified on downers. That pretty much sums it up.

Matthew Young

The line ‘I went too hard on living it up but I need you now‘ feels like a catch-all statement for the ones that took a little longer to grow up or a little too long to leave other things behind, potentially missing out on all the great things happening in front of them. ‘Like Falling‘ really encapsulates the haze of individual timelines and the battle of people trying to do life on terms that don’t always line up with those around them.

Yet there’s still something fun and freeing about how this track is put together, like having a shameless kick backwards at anyone wanting to stop you having a good time. Because at the end of the day, those good times are the stories we’ll tell for years… and everyone could stand to throw themselves back into them every now and then.

In the official video clip, we follow Young through a colourful and messy ’90s house party that captures everything from a wild dance floor, goofing around at the expense of impressing someone to later finding comfort in their arms, and the momentary existential crisis in front of a bathroom mirror.

All of this is put together under the guise of hallucinations and heightened senses with no real clarity on whether each moment was a real experience or not. Young says of the video, ‘ [it] basically like a short biopic of my experience of that time, but slightly inflated for the drama. It’s also a follow on from the ‘Boneheaded’ video, but this time I’m playing myself, as if addiction was the price I paid for movie stardom. Shoutout to Pete Davidson for the eye makeup inspo.

Stream Like Falling and watch the Official Video below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo