TRACK: Drama – Chelsea Warner

Chelsea Warner’s latest release has enthralled many listeners since its release last week. ‘Drama’ – a glowing, late-night, moody R&B track – is seductive, bold and beautiful. With her own blend of alt-pop and R&B, Chelsea Warner is offering honest, guilt-free insights into a young and free temperament. She unashamedly celebrates her fire, admits to her boredom and acknowledges the thrill of attention.


Toothbrush, the latest single from Saint Lane, is fresh and uncomplicated. The kind of tune you’d love to sit on a turntable and spin on repeat. The song is a calm look back at a relationship that hasn’t worked out. It captures the mundane spiral of being stuck in a rut, while paying due respect to that little hint of magic that once existed. It’s rhythmically and melodically easy going, and largely thanks to Saint Lane’s poetic finesse, it leaves you feeling lighter for having heard it.

TRACK: Paint – Voye, Matilda Duncan

Townsville indie-folk artist Voye has released a colourful and delicate track, all the more enhanced by the harmonies of Matilda Duncan. With gentle finger picking that dances alongside the strum of an electric guitar and a chorus that escalates and showers down a deluge of emotion, Paint is a timeless track that will always lend itself to an emotional escape.

TRACK: Drowning Purple – Winifred

Alt-pop artist Winifred is blinding us in colour. Through a deliciously purple lens, her latest track is a booming, full-bodied, cinematic haze of excitement and drama. ‘Drowning Purple’, and the accompanying video, showcasing Winifred’s love of rhythm and contemporary dance, is a charismatic and enticing blend of electrifying production and spellbinding depth.

TRACK: Highway Song – Siobhan Cotchin

Highway Song, the latest offering from Western Australian alt-country singer Siobhan Cotchin, is a slice of heavenly alt-country that could melt away a moment. It’s the kind of tune that falls to pieces like glitter, only to be swept up in a melancholy breeze. Cotchin’s eloquent storytelling is soul-piercing, as she sings a tale of hurt while offering all the warmth and comfort you could ever hope to find.

TRACK: Tattoos – Jack Botts

Last week, 23-year-old coastal folk singer Jack Botts released his stunning EP ‘Slow Mornings’. Documenting a moment in time, where work and relationships clash amidst the further trials of distance, Botts’ has acknowledged the lessons that come from hindsight and celebrated the greatness of a love that won’t falter. Read on as we take a closer look at one of our favourite tracks, ‘Tattoos’.

TRACK: In My DNA – Meghna

Melbourne artist Meghna has served up her latest slice of hypnotically dark pop. Her flair for creating brooding tunes that showcase her vocal range continues to shine through, while the depth of her storytelling is cleverly disguised in her understated delivery. ‘In My DNA’ couples sharp percussive sounds with a thick bassline to create the ideal canvas for her voice to dance between.

TRACK: It Is What It Is – MAMI

Sydney artist MAMI has released a sensuous R&B-infused track about a fizzled out fling. ‘It Is What It Is’ looks reality in the eye without spiraling completely into questions of rejection and self-worth. It takes the struggle to understand an ill-fated relationship and propels the protagonist forward to accept it for what it is. There’s no stream of tears and no euphoric elation, just an honest appraisal of the trials and tribulations of the dating world.

TRACK: Climb Every Wall – LUMP

LUMP, the project of Laura Marling and Mark Lindsay (Tunng), offers an exciting, spontaneous and entirely different sound to anything we’ve heard from these artists in the past. As Marling puts it, LUMP is ‘the repository for so many things that I’ve had in my mind and just don’t fit anywhere in that way’. Taking a mixture of lyricism that’s based on psychoanalysis and an electronic palette that teeters on the edge of psychedelic, the pair’s latest track ‘Climb Every Wall’ is sparking this new creative venture with verbal and melodic intrigue.