PLAYLIST: Sonny Grin’s Top 10 Collaborations

Sydney musician and producer Sonny Grin (a.k.a Alec Brinsmead) has a knack for combining jazz, disco, hip hop and house in a way that just fits for every occasion. His latest collaboration ‘The Rush’ with RISSA is a luscious and vibrant track that has us impatiently awaiting his next release. Away from Sonny Grin, Brinsmead lends his drumming talents to Oly Sherman & KP Hydes, and is one half of producer-duo Nightset. At LIKE VELVET Music, we’re very excited to share Sonny Grin’s guest write-up on his Top 10 Collaborations.


Sydney-born ’90s soul Taylor B-W recently released her funky pop track Nunchucks – a song about giving up the fight for a relationship that’s heading nowhere and opting for a good time instead. Read on as we take a look at the nostalgic-style song and for Taylor’s generous playlist of some of her favourite tracks. Paying tribute to the classics, she also dives into some forgotten gems – the perfect combination to give you insight into the rising indie pop artist and to reacquaint yourself with some long lost tunes.

PLAYLIST: The Bonnie Doons X Like Velvet Music

Last month, Brisbane’s The Bonnie Doons released their EP The Betweeners. Premised on making better decisions, The Betweeners is a four-track collection of delectably warm and funky tunes that lyrically explore reevaluating our lives and doing what’s best for us. As The Bonnie Doons continue to write music that has us excitedly throwing back to so many classic genres, we asked the boys to give us a list of some of their favourite tracks.

PLAYLIST: Snotty Nose Rez Kids’ Top 10 First Nations Tracks

Canadian First Nations rappers Snotty Nose Rez Kids have released their latest single Where They At in collaboration with fellow First Nations rapper Drezus. Where They At boasts sharp lyrics, acrobatic beats and an addictive flow. Read on as we take a look at their latest track and as SNRK take us through their top 10 tracks from First Nations artists across the globe.

PLAYLIST: FancyNormal’s First Love Nostalgia

Today, FancyNormal release their debut single Ultra Passion. A nostalgic song about the ups and downs of young love, FancyNormal have kicked off with a track full of sparkle that’s bound to sprinkle a little extra colour on an otherwise grey year. Continuing with the theme, the pair have crafted a playlist dedicated to first love nostalgia and heartbreak – read on for their top 10 tracks.