VIDEO PREMIERE: Find Your Way Back – Georgia Fields

Georgia Fields, the lovingly dubbed ‘art-pop alchemist’, has released the official music video for her latest track Find Your Way Back. Premiering on LIKE VELVET Music today, the video clip, directed by award winning filmmaker Rohan Spong, captures Georgia’s lyrical storytelling through its scribbled picture-book style. With recurring motifs, it’s a visual experience that becomes deeper with each view and imparts a sense of incurable homesickness as Georgia reminisces on a place that never really existed in the first place.

PREMIERE: I’m So Broke – Taylor B-W

Taylor B-W’s latest track ‘I’m So Broke’ is a conversational song primed with a plucky bassline, melodic R&B swagger and a signature West Coast whistle. Continuing her dedication to the ’90s revival – as we saw in previous track ‘Nunchucks’ – Taylor B-W is combining modern electro-pop influences with the nostalgia of ’90s hip hop and R&B to create bouncy, playful tunes that speak to you on both a physical and emotional level. Read on to stream Taylor B-W’s brand new single ‘I’m So Broke’ before its official release on 9 July.

VIDEO PREMIERE: Turn To Salt – Tim Hart

Premiering today on LIKE VELVET Music is the animated lyric video for Tim Hart’s ‘Turn To Salt’. Lifted from Winning Hand, the third solo album from the Boy & Bear musician, the track and video are inspired by a stroll down the streets of Venice as the sun goes down. A song that is both lyrically wise and melodically entrancing, Turn To Salt creates a sense of escapism and a determination to trust in the process without dwelling on the past.

VIDEO PREMIERE: Get Dizzy – Lexicon H

Lexicon H’s debut single is a reflective track that tackles big topics in a short burst, and the official video clip exclusively launches today on LIKE VELVET Music. ‘Get Dizzy’ challenges the pursuit of future dreams at the cost of our present happiness. It pinpoints the blurred lines of self-interest and how heavily it can affect our journey through life, and more significantly, how our own identities are formed.


First dates and big egos. Bad manners and terrible chit-chat. It’s all on show in the official video clip for Sammy Honeysett’s bold rock take on the cringe-worthy dating scene, premiering on LIKE VELVET Music today. The video clip for I C UR LIPS is a lighthearted poke at some of the worst parts of horrendous first dates topped off with our latent fantasies of throwing food and yelling with frustration.

PREMIERE: Trace Decay’s debut EP ‘Monstrous Subconscious’

There’s something about Trace Decay’s sound that gives you the sense of standing alone in an arena and witnessing your own private spectacle. Their debut EP Monstrous Subconscious, officially released tomorrow, is a five-track experience full of cascading guitars and compelling vocals. The Melbourne indie-pop pair have deftly created a brilliant debut that plays with melancholy and hope. Read on for an early listen of Monstrous Subconscious.