FEATURE: Lucy Sugerman’s Top 5 Canberra Artists Right Now

Canberra-based artist Lucy Sugerman recently released her latest candied track ‘golden boy’. Tongue in cheek and boldly fun, this song is a triumphant little kick up the backsides to the boys who think themselves just a little bit special. Shining a light on the abundance of music talent in her neck of the woods, Lucy has compiled a list of her top 5 Canberra artists that you need to hear right now.


Canberra artist KIRKLANDD has completed his trilogy EP The Love Divide. The final single Too Late is another display of KIRKLANDD’s ability to play with genre, this time taking his signature rapping and mixing it with an exotic acoustic guitar melody. We take a look at the EP in full and hear from KIRKLANDD about his Top 5 Movie Soundtracks, celebrating the ability of composers in merging audio and aesthetic to create the ultimate emotive experience.