TRACK: Highway Song – Siobhan Cotchin

Highway Song, the latest offering from Western Australian alt-country singer Siobhan Cotchin, is a slice of heavenly alt-country that could melt away a moment. It’s the kind of tune that falls to pieces like glitter, only to be swept up in a melancholy breeze. Cotchin’s eloquent storytelling is soul-piercing, as she sings a tale of hurt while offering all the warmth and comfort you could ever hope to find.

FEATURE: Zac Henderson’s Lay the Stones and his Top 5 Defining Albums

Like Paul Kelly telling his stories through song, Tasmanian singer/songwriter Zac Henderson has crafted ten tracks of Aussie folk that just feels like home. Lay the Stones is full of warmth, character and cleverly worded anecdotes that force you to be slow and really sink in. Read on as we take a look at the record and as Zac takes us through his Top 5 Defining Albums.

INTERVIEW: The Buckleys

From Byron Bay to Nashville, The Buckleys are breathing new life into the Australian country music scene. Taking the best of a genre-diverse upbringing, the sibling trio have cultivated their own self-coined brand of ‘Hippie Country’. Their debut album Daydream is a bright collection of country tracks that draws upon elements of roots, pop, indie and Americana. With a refreshing and upbeat outlook, The Buckleys are playing with nostalgia, romance, and irresistible grooves to carve a niche that has even the most unsuspecting of country naysayers and newbies catching on. We had a chat with Sarah (20), Lachlan (19) and Molly (17) about their album, the country music scene, and recording in Nashville under the guidance of Grammy Award-winning producer, Chad Carlson.