PREMIERE: I’m So Broke – Taylor B-W

Taylor B-W’s latest track ‘I’m So Broke’ is a conversational song primed with a plucky bassline, melodic R&B swagger and a signature West Coast whistle. Continuing her dedication to the ’90s revival – as we saw in previous track ‘Nunchucks’ – Taylor B-W is combining modern electro-pop influences with the nostalgia of ’90s hip hop and R&B to create bouncy, playful tunes that speak to you on both a physical and emotional level. Read on to stream Taylor B-W’s brand new single ‘I’m So Broke’ before its official release on 9 July.

Track: Gemini – Jesabel

With eight years of DJing under her belt and an enviable history of working alongside some of the biggest global artists of the day, Jesabel has today released her highly anticipated debut pop single, Gemini. An electrifying and exuberant track, Gemini is dripping head-to-toe in sheer sugary energy.