TRACK: Suffer and Swim – Sampology ft. Allysha Joy

‘Suffer and Swim’ is based around a Latin-style groove with vibrant jazz influences. Evoking the warmth of the setting sun and the ambience of the late afternoon light, the Cafe del Mar vibe of Sampology’s latest track puts you straight into vacation mode. Featuring the effortlessly breezy vocals of Allysha Joy and guitar work of Beau Diako, Suffer and Swim is a poised production that incites easy movement and laid-back bliss.

TRACK: Wonder – Yung Bae ft. Channel Tres

‘Wonder’ is the latest release from American future-funk producer Yung Bae that forcibly demands your attention in all the right ways. Amidst a sonic waterfall of magic, and a bit of that signature James Bond-style soundtrack intensity, Wonder is absolutely glowing. Throw in the infatuating vocals of Californian rapper Channel Tres, and you’ve got an orgasmic whirlwind of chunky beats that is undeniably lustrous.