TRACK: Slowdance – Mndsgn

There’s something about a slow dance that can make the world fall away. It’s a moment where time stands still. Your body is intimately close to another. Between you and the music there’s nothing else that exists, and you never want that moment to end. Mndsgn’s latest track is a commitment to never stop that dance, metaphorically moving in time with the music of life, while capturing the lush and soulful sonic ambience of those private moments.

TRACK: Outside – Oliver Malcolm

‘All my favourite entertainers got famous and then they died’. Oliver Malcolm’s latest track Outside is an exploration into the dark side of fame, the loneliness of success, and the isolation of being wildly adored at arm’s length. But it’s not just fame that fits this melancholic narrative. In a world ruled by the cruel comparison of perfectly curated lives on social media, the lyrics are relatable on all levels. It reminds us that we all need somewhere safe, somewhere to call home, and somewhere to be really loved.