TRACK: Didn’t Call – COTTA

There’s something about waiting for a phone call that never comes. It starts with intense excitement, then creeps into a sense of doubt, until finally you meet pure frustration (especially when you’re charged and ready for something a little more playful). COTTA’s latest track Didn’t Call somehow makes you feel light and youthful while also being entirely relatable in adult relationships.

EP: Starters & Appetizers – Fancy Normal

Last month saw the release of Starters & Appetizers, the bountiful debut EP from Melbourne pop duo FancyNormal. Colourfully chronicling some of the most relatable pitfalls of our teenage years, Jules and Noni have taken ‘the most romantic musical era ever of ’80s synth pop’ and softened the awkward moments with a warm sparkling glow that makes it all okay.

EP: Before Dawn – Quiet Blue

Before Dawn, the debut EP from Melbourne-based artist Quiet Blue (a.k.a Nic Georgiou) is a ‘love letter to the night’. Describing himself as having ‘an intense relationship’ with the night time, Quiet Blue has curated a beautiful collection of tracks to capture the private serenity of spending time in the darkness with your own thoughts.

TRACK: The Nights – Quiet Blue

With tinkling keys, intricately opposing rhythms, and a ticking beat that might represent the hours rushing through a sleepless night, Melbourne’s Quiet Blue explores the introspective moments of being a night owl. The Nights is an emotive song that pulsates with the intensity of restlessness and overthinking, culminating in a lush production full of jazz influence.