FEATURE: Isotopes on their Top 5 Self Care Tips

Sydney-based post-hardcore group Isotopes recently released their latest track ‘WYWFM’. The modern-emo track is full of heavy-hitting melodies and bright pop-punk vocals, harking back to the best of the noughties’ heavy power ballads while also sweetly capturing the tender moments too. We had a chat with drummer Hamish Gibson about his Top 5 Self-Care Tips to get you through the tough times.

TRACK: F.U.A – Hearteyes ft. 8485

‘F.U.A’, the latest track from the incredibly unique Hearteyes, is a chaotic rumbling and squeaking soundscape that has risen from the ashes of noughties pop-punk. Featuring Canadian hyperpop star 8485, Hearteyes is continuing to push the boundaries of music creation by transforming what’s been done before into something only a distinctively creative mind could create.