TRACK: Dreamworld – Andy Martin

‘Dreamworld’ is a track that oozes with a familiarity that you want to chase down and hold onto tightly. Andy Martin’s pop-rock songwriting is just as nostalgic as it is exciting and new. He continues to deliver surprises as his rhythmic progression travels between vibrant and punchy, and his latest track Dreamworld is no exception. With his energy never dwindling, any heartbreak or angst addressed by Andy resonates musically through unifying lyricism and feel-good melodies.

TRACK: Garage Full of Dreams – LAURA MAC

LAURA MAC, a loved-up duo living in the hinterlands, are creating fun, vibrant, tongue-in-cheek tunes. Laura Maclachlan and Zac Connely refuse to conform to genre-norms. Instead they’re throwing out the energy that they want to see and crafting music that exists completely in its own space. ‘Garage Full of Dreams’ will leave you sifting through all the music influences that come swarming into your mind, but it’s LAURA MAC’s vision of taking it a little further that sets them apart from the masses.

TRACK: Swimming Pool – Square Dance Caller

Victorian duo Square Dance Caller (a.k.a brothers Mick and Brendan Etherington) have taken a heightened rock approach to their debut track ‘Swimming Pool’. It’s a refined production full of uncomplicated elements, drawing on both classic songs and modern indie rock influences. The result is an unforgettable tune that’s a little bit dreamy, a little bit dark, and a whole lotta dirty.

TRACK: The Children – Anna Cordell

Anna Cordell is going to hold an extra special place in the hearts of ’80s and ’90s kids. She has a stunning command over the best of indie-folk and ’90s rock, while equally capturing the creeping influence of the ’60s and ’70s. Listening to ‘The Children’ is like plummeting into a decades-long time warp, with each moment bringing a new blast of nostalgia and the desire to sink into a pile of records for hours on end.


Sensational sister duo CLEWS have released their dynamic new EP, Loveluck Omens. Vibrant, exciting, energetic, and feminine – the four-track release is a powerfully punchy collection that is simply begging for a live show. While the EP is inspired by a lifetime of independence, the pair have put together an exclusive list of their Top 5 Break Up Songs for Like Velvet readers.


First dates and big egos. Bad manners and terrible chit-chat. It’s all on show in the official video clip for Sammy Honeysett’s bold rock take on the cringe-worthy dating scene, premiering on LIKE VELVET Music today. The video clip for I C UR LIPS is a lighthearted poke at some of the worst parts of horrendous first dates topped off with our latent fantasies of throwing food and yelling with frustration.


CLEWS have tickled the teenage fantasies of the 20-30 something’s with their latest song Want You That Way. Like a tribute to the soundtracks of our favourite ’90s flicks, CLEWS’ latest offering is a repeat-worthy anthem that makes light out of the dark. Speaking of songs that can’t be turned off, Clews have let us in on their favourite tracks that keep them sitting in their car long after they’ve got to where they’re going.

TRACK: Thin Skin – Sunflower

Brisbane group Sunflower have released their shining new track Thin Skin. A sentimental track full of warmth, the vastness of an orchestra and the reliability of rock, Thin Skin is an all-encompassing, passionate piece of music. Accompanied by the official video that takes a dreamy stroll through varying scenes, Sunflower have captured the freeing feeling of finally letting things go.