TRACK: It Is What It Is – MAMI

Sydney artist MAMI has released a sensuous R&B-infused track about a fizzled out fling. ‘It Is What It Is’ looks reality in the eye without spiraling completely into questions of rejection and self-worth. It takes the struggle to understand an ill-fated relationship and propels the protagonist forward to accept it for what it is. There’s no stream of tears and no euphoric elation, just an honest appraisal of the trials and tribulations of the dating world.

TRACK: The Rush – Sonny Grin ft. RISSA

Here to revive that blissful summer vibe as the cold weather starts to creep in is Sydney-based multi-instrumentalist Sonny Grin. His latest release, The Rush, is infectiously vibrant and musically masterful, making it the ideal tune for a bit of escapism . With the help of RISSA, whose luscious vocals shower radiance over the track, The Rush is a song you’re guaranteed to have on endless repeat.


CLEWS have tickled the teenage fantasies of the 20-30 something’s with their latest song Want You That Way. Like a tribute to the soundtracks of our favourite ’90s flicks, CLEWS’ latest offering is a repeat-worthy anthem that makes light out of the dark. Speaking of songs that can’t be turned off, Clews have let us in on their favourite tracks that keep them sitting in their car long after they’ve got to where they’re going.